Bees for 2014

Nuc Schedule is approximately April 12 but may vary by a week or two in either direction due to weather.

Costs for 2014 are $150 (Plus separately paid, refundable box deposit of $50 at time of pickup).

Reservations start now and close by March 15. After that date, we will accept additional reservations only if available and will charge an additional $10 to add them on to the order!

Send a check, made out to Sweet Pines Apiary to 1260 Walnut Ave, Bohemia NY 11716-2176.
(This price includes tax. If you have a farmer’s tax exemption certificate, price is $ 138.10 but an exemption form must be supplied with the order.)

Ray Lackey: 631-567-1936,


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Bee Natural Body Care

Beekeeper Wayne Vitale began keeping honeybees at Spy Coast Bee Farm with one mission in mind, “To Bring More Honey Bees Back into the World.”
Spy Coast Bee Farm is located in New York, USA on Setauket Harbor's "Spy Coast" . Over the years we grew to eventually create Setauket Gold, an all-natural raw honey harvested from our honey bees while living in harmony with nature.
This is when “Bee Natural Body Care” was born. The rich natural ingredients from the bee hives was included in formulating the richest creams and body lotions.
Today “Bee Natural Body Care” makes products for mind, body & soul.

Wayne Vitale
Bee Natural Body Care
Spy Coast Bee Farm
PO Box 2423
Setauket, NY 11733

Tel: 516-680-3020


Brand New MAXANT 20-Frame Extractor

I have a brand new MAXANT 20 frame extractor (with legs) that I am putting up for sale…just got it earlier this month…I have used it once and it’s too small for what I need. I am asking the list price of $1,495…but I am absorbing the cost of shipping & handling as well as taxes…plus it comes with a base (48”x39.5”) the top of which is made of 5/8th in finished plywood (that has been painted white) and the bottom is a pallet for ease of moving. The extractor can be unbolted from the base if desired and the legs can also be removed.
I can be reached via email:
Robin Blackley, Beekeeper

The Ultimate Hive Stand & Cover

Manufacturers of ‘The Ultimate Hive Stand & Cover’
195 Atlantic Avenue, Garden City Park, NY 11040
(toll free) 800-600-7446 ● (phone) 516-741-3062 ● (fax) 516-742-3617
Ultimate Hive Covers and Stands available to club members at a special reduced price. Rich Blohm really loves the covers and the stands are very popular with hobbyist/backyard beekeepers.
Please note that our products are Made on Long Island and sold nationwide through leading catalogs and web sites the provide beekeeping supplies.