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Deluxe 9- Frame Radial Hand Extractor

If you have 6 to 20 colonies of bees this is the answer for you! This extractor will extract 9 medium frames (6 1/4") or 9 shallow frames (5 3/8"). With the addition of the included set of cages you can tangentially extract 3 brood frames (9 1/8"). Hinged Plexiglas covers are hinged to the top of the extractor, which has a diameter of 21". The T.I.G. welded 18/10-food grade stainless tank is 24" tall. Honey gate must be open during extraction.   Local pick-up Setauket….516-680-3020    PRICE REDUCED to $200.


10-Frame Hive Tops and Feeders

2 Brushy Mt. 10 frame copper English tops $40 each
8 Brushy Mt 10 frame hive top feeders $15 each
1 Maxant  9 frame hand-9F with legs and wooden base $400 - used for 4 extractions since purchase

Contact Moira Alexander, 631-265-8249

The Ultimate Hive Stand & Cover

Manufacturers of ‘The Ultimate Hive Stand & Cover’
195 Atlantic Avenue, Garden City Park, NY 11040
(toll free) 800-600-7446 ● (phone) 516-741-3062 ● (fax) 516-742-3617
Ultimate Hive Covers and Stands available to club members at a special reduced price. Rich Blohm really loves the covers and the stands are very popular with hobbyist/backyard beekeepers.
Please note that our products are Made on Long Island and sold nationwide through leading catalogs and web sites the provide beekeeping supplies.


Packaged Bees for Sale

It’s that time of the year to take inventory of your apiary.

Each package is 3 lbs. of young bees with an Italian Queen.

Call Peter @ 631-874-4750 for pricing.

There is going to be a LIMITED NUMBER of packages that we can bring up. PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED. As soon as I receive your order with payment, your name will be placed on the list.

Packages will be available for pick up in Manorville.

a) Mail me your name and PHONE NUMBER, and your payment.
Peter Bizzoso
505 Wading River Rd.
Manorville, NY 11949-3448


b) Call Peter @ 631-874-4750

Five Gallons Buckets

Will hold 60 Lb honey. These buckets were only used to store honey. The containers are definitely food safe and they come with a lid. I am selling them for $5.00 each, less in quantity. call Fred Munzer at 631- 243- 3512

Glassware Supplier

Glassware is expensive to ship. You can save a lot if you are near a bee equipment supplier and can pick up the glassware. Several have asked where I get my glassware. I get my glassware from: Harvey’s Honey, 912 Route 40, Monroeville, NJ 08343, Phone: 856-358-1010; Fax: 856-358-1166. He runs 2000+ colonies so he uses a lot of glassware himself and then wholesales to get the best price possible. His supplier is Gamber Glass in Lancaster PA but, because of his quantity discount, you can buy glassware from him cheaper than you can buy from Gamber directly. It is a long drive, south of Philadelphia, so you need to get a bunch to make it worthwhile or be passing through that area. Fred M., Mike V. and I periodically make trips and normally check with each other to see if we can fill out any spare space with their needs to make the trip more worthwhile. Generally, we just replace that picked up by others when me make a trip but if we are just buying straight out, we will pay an extra $1-2/box to help with expenses. You may want to put together your own little cooperative to do the same.
Ray Lackey: 631-567-1936,

Bee Natural Body Care

Beekeeper Wayne Vitale began keeping honeybees at Spy Coast Bee Farm with one mission in mind, “To Bring More Honey Bees Back into the World.”
Spy Coast Bee Farm is located in New York, USA on Setauket Harbor's "Spy Coast" . Over the years we grew to eventually create Setauket Gold, an all-natural raw honey harvested from our honey bees while living in harmony with nature.
This is when “Bee Natural Body Care” was born. The rich natural ingredients from the bee hives was included in formulating the richest creams and body lotions.
Today “Bee Natural Body Care” makes products for mind, body & soul.

Wayne Vitale
Bee Natural Body Care
Spy Coast Bee Farm
PO Box 2423
Setauket, NY 11733

Tel: 516-680-3020


Brand New MAXANT 20-Frame Extractor

I have a brand new MAXANT 20 frame extractor (with legs) that I am putting up for sale…just got it earlier this month…I have used it once and it’s too small for what I need. I am asking the list price of $1,495…but I am absorbing the cost of shipping & handling as well as taxes…plus it comes with a base (48”x39.5”) the top of which is made of 5/8th in finished plywood (that has been painted white) and the bottom is a pallet for ease of moving. The extractor can be unbolted from the base if desired and the legs can also be removed.
I can be reached via email:
Robin Blackley, Beekeeper

Local Long Island Nucs for Sale

I have local Nucs available immediately. Contact me for pricing.
Contact: Wayne Vitale at 516-680-3020

Local Nucs, Queens, and Hives for Sale

Ernie and Connie's Apiary

For Sale:
- Nucleus Hives
- Queens
- Hives with Bees

All bees are from local Long Island acclimatized stock.

Also, honey, comb honey, and pollen for sale.

Call for pricing and more information:
Ernie Schwasnick at 631-582-3184, or cell, 516-830-1837
or email:

Bee Clean Soap Company

Offers: Peppermint, lavender, grapefruit, almond, rose, and unscented bars of soap. All natural ingredients made with beeswax honey and hemp oil.
Each bar is $5 or two for $8
Phone: 631-276-4693 Email:

Bee Equipment for Beginners and Professionals

610 Bethany Church Road Moravian Falls, NC 28654
FAX ORDERS 1-336-921-2681
Customer Service 1-336-921-3640
Online at:

Learning Programs for Children

"Children are fascinated by insects. In this program, Moira Alexander, educator/beekeeper will ignite the excitement of learning by combining children participation, visual aids and many interesting facts about the honey bee."
We offer a field trip experience within the classroom that is grade level appropriate.
Visit our website or call 631-265-8249

Pure Beeswax Lotion Bars and Lip Balm

Still’s Apiary has lotion bars and lip balm made with pure beeswax.
Lotion Bars: $5.00 each
Lip Balm: $3.00 each, or 2 for $5
Honey Pendant $15+S&H

Honey Extractions, Bulk Honey, Honey Bears, And More!

  • Bulk honey for sale-Call for pricing
  • Deep supers for sale primed and ready for paint-13$----Assembled and primed-18$
  • Frame extractions 6$ any size.20 dollar min.
  • One gallon containers-2$ w/lid-empty
  • Used 55 gallon drums-12$
  • Mite away-Quick strips-5$ Per pad
Call (631) 475-8315 or email