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Below are files from our Digital Library that are free to download and view on your computer, or print out. To view files in PDF format you will need the Adobe Reader, which is a free download at:
The NYS Departments of Environmental Conservation and Agriculture and Markets released the long awaited NYS Pollinator Protection Plan which includes the current state of both native and managed pollinators in our state, but also suggested management practices for the health of our bees.
This booklet is intended to inform and inspire small-scale honey producers who feel unclear about what consumers, culinary professionals, regulators, and fellow honey producers expect as they “go public” with honey sales. It suggests various ways to make the most of honey sales and challenges honey producers to look at their products and marketing approaches more deliberately.
"I am a Beekeeper" poster - Letter-size
Howland Blackiston's Mead Madness presentation from November 2012 with recipes.
Eileen Coles' Mead Workshop Handout
Floral Sources Plant List arranged by season.
Survey of Beekeeper and Apiary Yard Location Data, NYS Form PI-134