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The Long Island Beekeepers Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to further the general knowledge and success of its member beekeepers, educate the public about the beneficial aspects of honey bees, and to provide a forum for cooperation among beekeepers and those that work to improve the welfare of beekeeping and honeybees.

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Social Media
You can interact with club members and stay informed using Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Groups,and Google Calendar.
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Club Library
The Long Island Beekeepers Club maintains a library of books, magazines, videos and other material, that are available for members to borrow.

Contest Judging Rules
Every October the Club holds a contest to judge honey, wax, and other items. The rules for the contest can be found here.

LIBC Bylaws
The bylaws of the Long Island Beekeepers Club, Inc.

Our Good Neighbor Policy
Always be a responsible beekeeper.

Beekeeping Classes
Learn all about beekeeping or improve your knowledge.

Classified Ads
Classified ads are complimentary for members of LIBC in good standing and must be renewed every January.
Contact the Beeline Editor to place an ad: