We invite you to explore our web site, attend one of our meetings, learn about beekeeping, take a peek inside the hive, buy local honey, and ask us questions. Beekeeping can be a rewarding profession or an enlightening and fascinating hobby - and even more so when you become a member.
A little creature called apis melifera has provoked an interest unequaled by any other insect. The honey bee, as she is more commonly known, has a heritage that may go back twenty million years fulfilling a major role in the pollination of plants.

Our organization was formed a little more recently, in June of 1949, as the Suffolk County Farm Bureau Bee Club. In 1955, the name was changed to The Suffolk County Bee Club. Then in 1974, the name was changed again to the Long Island Beekeepers Club, representing the spread of our membership from New York City in the west to Shelter Island at the east end of Long Island. And in 2010 the club incorporated as a not-for-profit, becoming the Long Island Beekeepers Club, Inc.

We have beekeepers from all over Long Island enrolled as members. We also have many active educational programs, including our
novice beekeeping classes. Our members are active in the Eastern Apicultural Society and we currently have nine EAS certified Master Beekeepers.